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Micron Doctor Blade Stainless Steel For Rotogravure, Flexography and Solvent less Printing Machine 100 meter, Width 100mm

Original price was: ₹7,000.00.Current price is: ₹6,000.00.
• SUREPRINT-STAINLESS: Exceptionally refined doctor blades crafted for superior corrosion resistance and extended durability. Ideal for printing applications involving water-based inks with elevated PH levels, ensuring prolonged performance.
• STRONG LAMELLA: A lamella-style blade featuring an edge tapered between 70 to 160 microns, tailored to meet specific customer needs. This unique design minimizes printing errors caused by sub optimal doctor blade settings, offering a more forgiving performance. Enhanced strength ensures better support for the lamella, while the gradual contact edge further refines its functionality.
• Blade longevity extends up to 6 times that of conventional blades.
• Reduced doctor blade pressure mitigates chrome wear, prolonging cylinder life.
• Decreased downtime due to infrequent blade replacements.
• Consistent contact area maintained throughout the entire blade lifespan.
• Eliminates the need for doctor blade grinding equipment."