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Adhesive Filter

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FILTER ADHESIVES FOR SEALING THE ROLLED SEAM ON THE BASE PLATE. Rolled seams are found in oil filters, fuel filters,

Box Wrapping Machine

Box Wrapping Machine Specification :
  • Driven Type : Motor Drive
  • Power : 3 Phase With Neutral 4 Pole
  • Voltage : 440 VAC 50Hz
  • Phase : 3 Phase
  • Carriage Motor : 0.5 HP
  • Product Weight : 130 kg
  • Control System : Micro Controller
  • Diameter : 600 mm OD
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Power Supply : 440V / 3 Ph. with Neutral
  • Motor- Gear Box : 0.5 HP A.C. geared motor with direct coupling.
  • Turntable Specification : Dia. 600 mm

Coefficient of Friction Testing Machine

Technical Specification
  • Capacity: Up to 1.00 kg/9.8N (other on customer request).
  • Least count: 0.001 Kg/0.01N.
  • Direct display: Static and kinetic friction values.
  • Speed: 150mm/minute.
  • Weight of sled: 200 grams.
  • Power: 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase.

Color Matching Cabinet Machine With 7 And 5 Lights

  • Ensures high-class testing performance
  • Automatic measurement processing
  • Suitable for the evaluation of different fabric

Dart Impact Testing Machine

Dart Impact Testing Machine Specification:
  • As Per ASTM D1709 And IS 2508
  • To last the impact resistance of the film by free falling darts.
  • 2 no's of darts supplied
  • Electromagnetic darts holding/release system.
  • Digital counter to counts the trials.
  • Vacuum indictor to check the vacuum.
  • Paint powder coated.

Digital Bursting Strength Testing Machine Single Head

Digital Bursting Strength Testing Machine Specification :
  • High accuracy
  • Superior strength
  • Optimum load capacity
  • Test Fluid-Glycerin
  • Capacity of Test Fluid Tank -160 ml
  • Rate of Fluid Displacement-95 cc / Minute
  • Motor-0.25 HP Geared Motor
  • Power-220 Volt AC 50 Hz
  • A Digital Burst Testing Machine consists of a clamping mechanism that secures the test specimen, usually in the form of a circular or square specimen. By using a digital Bursting Strength Tester, manufacturers can more efficiently measure the burst strength of materials.

Fixed LED Stroboscope Industrial Use, Application/Usage: Fast Moving Printing

Illumination Excellence: Equipped with energy-efficient LED illumination, our Fixed LED Stroboscope provides intense, even, and long-lasting illumination for enhanced motion viewing. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Designed for permanent installation, our Fixed Stroboscope boasts a sturdy construction to withstand demanding industrial environments, while ensuring reliable operation and longevity. Flash Frequency Control: With adjustable flash frequencies, operators have the flexibility to synchronize the stroboscope with machinery speed, facilitating precise inspection, maintenance, and quality control. Versatile Applications: Our Stroboscope Fixed Model finds applications in a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more, enabling accurate motion analysis and ensuring optimal performance.

GSM Cutter Blades (Sliting Blades)

  • Precision: GSM cutter blades are engineered to provide clean, precise cuts to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Material: They are made from high-quality steel to maintain sharpness and withstand repeated use.
  • Design: The design ensures minimal material distortion, which is crucial for obtaining reliable measurements.

Uses of GSM Cutter Blades

  • Quality Control: In industries like paper, textile, and non-woven materials, GSM cutters help in maintaining consistent quality by ensuring that the material's weight per unit area is within specified limits.
  • Research and Development: Laboratories and R&D departments use GSM cutters to test new materials and ensure they meet desired specifications.
  • Production Monitoring: Manufacturers use these tools to monitor the production process and make adjustments to maintain product quality.

Hot Air Oven For Sterilization In Laboratory

  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Long service life

Mapple Corona Dyne Test Pen Set Indian (Pack of 7) 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 Dyne/CM To Measure Surface Energy On Substrates

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  • Zero Waste, Swift Results: Eliminate scrap materials and accelerate results effortlessly. The Corona Dyne Test Pen ensures streamlined manufacturing for time-conscious professionals.
  • User-Friendly Efficiency: Simplify operations with user-friendly efficiency. No specialized engineers needed measure surface energy easily for smooth and accessible processes.
  • Scientific Precision Guaranteed: For precision seekers, the Corona Dyne Test Pen offers scientific accuracy. Reliably determine surface tension and treat levels for precise measurements.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Access affordable excellence with our range of Dyne Pens. Cost-effective and easily available online, ensuring seamless procurement for quality assurance.
  • Versatile for Any Application: Tailored for Printing, Coating, and Lamination Processes, the pen ensures optimal surface tension for plastic substrates. Versatility at your fingertips for various applications.
  • Effortless Ordering, Swift Delivery: Simplify your purchase with our user-friendly online process. Receive the 8-pack of Surface Wetting Test Pens with dyne values of 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Enjoy a hassle-free and fast shopping experience. Upgrade Your Manufacturing Precision? Shop Now!

Mapple Corona Dyne Test Pens Imported – 30 to 72 Dynes/CM To Measure Surface Energy On Substrates

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Mapple Dyne Test Pens Imported 30 To 72 Dyne/CM What is a Dyne Pen? A Dyne pen is a simple